Market Research

We initially do extensive market research to gain real data insights to the current market before  analysing specific sectors. Then we identify potential opportunities and calculate market value before providing the costs of research and development.

Vision R&D was set up initially to bring innovations to enhance and improve the health experience and resolve traditional challenges through technology and innovation.

Product and Services Design

Our team consists of a collaboration of product designers, industrial designers and pure creative innovators proven in their field. Through a design thinking mind-set combined with an international network of experts from over 25 years of experience in the Medical, Consumer and Interiors Industry our team has a unique approach.

Product and Service Development

Part of the process in product development is understanding a product’s place in the market and what are the requirements for certification. Our team has over 25 years’ experience working collaboratively  with the relevant private and governmental independent testing agencies to ensure all data, scientific research and commercial claims are validated and approved prior to market launch.

We also have through experienced international channel partners we distribute and launch products and services.

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