Medical Sector Experience

With over 20 years’ experience in the medical device industry, our team has gained a substantial knowledge of a large range of medical equipment. Having experience in a broad portfolio of keyhole surgery equipment for various healthcare sectors combined with experience in diagnostic equipment, vascular therapy, enteral feeding, anaesthesia, infection control, wound management, and a substantial array of respiratory products.

Along with this experience, the Vision Research team has also decided to investigate what PPE is available on the market for our fit-out teams and customers.


Covid testing solutions

After extensive investigation by Vision Research into what offerings were on the market, Vision decided to collaborate with a German manufacturer. Mexacare offers the best in class solutions that are extensively backed up by clinical trials. The diagnostic solutions they offer provide a rapid safe and easy-to-use Covid 19 test, which we now offer through a partner testing service to UK and Irish companies. These tests facilitate a safer working environment through rapid screening and testing.

Our Covid-19 rapid tests are designed for daily practice routine and are characterised by great user-friendliness and highest reliability. Manufactured according to the latest manufacturing standards in Europe, all rapid tests can be performed and evaluated without the need for laboratory equipment.



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Antigen Test

The test is intended for the earliest stages of the virus – during the incubation period, in the first 2-3 days after the onset of symptoms. a test with the MEXACARE COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test is therefore recommended.

Antibody Test

The test is intended for the determination of a current or past infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and for monitoring the disease status after SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. Recommended to be used with the antigen test.

Professional Medical Testing Services

Whilst extremely easy and simple to use to ensure validity and efficacy the tests must be administered by a professional. A junior doctor or nurse can be provided to make on site visits to companies.

Medical safety and diagnostic solutions

Covid-19 solutions have flooded the market creating an information gap and confusion around validity and function of Covid-19 products. Our team has researched and compared the deluge of products in a number of sectors to discern and provide real insights and data backed conclusions. Vision R&D collaborates with world class manufacturers providing best in class science backed solutions.

Vision’s research service will provide an independent in-depth professional analysis of a companies challenges in the workplace, retail or hospitality sector. This service can be invaluable for organisations that do not have the in-house experience and insights to decipher or discern what is best in class and even identify fake solutions being provided. Our team will provide a full report analysing the challenge and inform of the markets current offerings combined with a design thinking mindset to create innovative solutions.

Our international partners and heritage of experience and research has identified leading quality focused international manufacturers of the following;

Mask Type II CE I Medical Device

Is a surgical mask (or for medical use) Manufactured in 100% polyester microfilm with a very thick texture, it is protected with a permanent antimicrobial to allow washing and never is released.

Antimicrobial film / Surface protection

Our Antimicrobial film is composed of transparent cast polymeric PVC of 60 microns, containing antimicrobial agent, coated with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.

UV-C Disinfection Unit

This box is a safe device with UV-C system for the disinfection of wide range of materials. The smaller units are ideal for masks and all your small personal items (e.g. telephones, key ect)

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