MaxVac Air Purifier Unit with built in UV-C Light

Research shows that viruses and bacteria remain in the air. Opening a window is not the ‘best’ solution for ‘clean’ air ventilation as it contains pollutants and matter such as pollen.

Our specially designed air purifiers and vacuum cleaners are equipped with a certified filter system in combination with scientifically proven UV-C technology, thereby creating a dust, bacteria and virus free space.

We have a variety of different purifier units to suit a wide range of spaces. All air purifiers work according to the same principle. We set the air in motion by means of a fan. The air goes back into the room through a coarse filter (G3-G4), Hepa main filter (H10-H13), carbon filter and UV-C light. The combination of a Hepa filter and a UV-C light provides a filtration of 99.95% for dust as well as bacteria & viruses.

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