This box is a safe device with UV-C system for the sterilization of wide range of materials. the smaller units are ideal for masks and all your small personal items (e.g. telephones, keys, credit cards, tablets, smart watches, earphones and practically any other small object suitable for the room).

The larger units can be utilised for industrial equipment, clothing, shoes and any large item that is high traffic risk infection risk. Many clients are using the larger units for sterilising clothing in a retail environment. In 30 seconds the clothing after being tried on can be sterilised for the next user.

This acrylic box uses two TUV PL-S lamps which are UV-C lamps, controlled and managed by a timer to allow the lamps to sterilize, which are also used in residential water and water disinfection units.

TUV PL-S lamps offer constant short-wave UV-C emission, at 254 nm, for their entire duration, for maximum disinfection safety and high system efficiency.

UV light sterilization of face mask to disinfect and reuse. COVID-19 prevention concept. Close up at the lamp.;

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