Antiviral & Antibacterial Solutions


UV Disinfection Unit

This box is a safe device with UV-C system for the disinfection of wide range of materials. The smaller units are ideal for masks and all your small personal items (e.g. telephones, keys, credit cards, tablets, smart watches, earphones and practically any other small object suitable for the room).

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Antimicrobial Film

Our Antimicrobial film is composed of transparent cast polymeric PVC of 60 microns, containing antimicrobial agents, coated with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. It is intended for antimicrobial protection of surfaces in areas that require a high degree of hygiene (public areas, agri-food, wet rooms, hospitals, etc.).

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Our Process


It is vitally important to gain an adequate understanding of the client and their design ideas and where they perceive the end of the process to be before making any attempts to translate the design concept.


This is then tempered with research to gain an understanding of the current market and offerings analysis as well as the potential technical problem solving involved in the process.


Our team consists of a collaboration of product designers, industrial designers and pure creative innovators proven in their field.


Product development requires rigid independent testing and verification processes. At this stage we engage in field expertise and authorised testing as we start to develop the prototype.

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