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Stress Tracker

It’s important for customers to be proactive about their wellness and overall well-being. We have slowly shifted from a fitness focus to a mental health focus. It is all about being in control of your own health. We are used to counting our steps and tracking our sleep patterns but with the current pandemic people are feeling overwhelmed and not quite themselves. In 2021 we are seeing the rise of stress-trackers. New technology involves; blood oxygen monitor to track your breathing patterns to detect anxiety and tracking stress through electrodermal activity. We want to encourage our customers to take control of their wellbeing with our Buddahealth Stress Tracker. Stress affects everyone. Prolonged periods of stress can cause negative impacts on individuals and the people around you. The ability to track stress would be extremely useful, especially in today’s society. You can track your stress levels using specific technology or your mobile device. Devices
can notify you when your stress levels are high and tell you how to lower stress with relative information. Our emotional well- being is trending this year more than ever. We need to listen to our bodies and take numerous breaks throughout the day to pay attention to our wellness.