Covid Solutions


in this sector we looked at everyday masks that companies needed to issue as PPE for their staff to meet regulatory compliance in places of work. When trying to comply with regulations and also offer a degree of protection for staff against a virus; outside of wearing a Hazmat suit; the only mask we found most useful to operate in this space was the one from Micro-Air

–          high breathability

–          impregnated with safe disinfectant that kills virus’s

–          washable 100 times

–          comfortable to wear

Test Kits

as information evolved about the disease we started to look at how the returning workforce could establish a strategy to re-open safely. Upon investigation of a large amount of companies and indeed a lot from Wuhan; we came across Medvec – a German company. What they had to offer was unique

–          the only antibody test certified and manufactured in Europe

–          a test that had been analysed globally – including the prestigious Whitewater University, South Africa – independent result of 99.53% accuracy

–          a company who has its own library of human serum’s

–          a test with the largest number of people- currently at 2000+

–          a company that is used as a control by companies like Roche; Abbott; Mindray etc when they are establishing new assays on laboratory instruments

–          a unique test that gives you 5 reference points

Air purifiers

for many flu seasons we have said is there nothing out there that could stop the air borne spread of infections; allergens; odours; moulds etc within the work environment.  With this task in mind we investigated different types of technologies used to eliminate 99% of these and then focused in on 2 products  for the commercial and domestic market.

–          Silent running

–          No toxic side effects

–          Easy retrofit solution

–          Smart technology ready

UV sterilisation

whilst regular surfaces suit the use of a flat product like a film we were presented with a number of challenges from industry for irregular surfaces and objects. With this challenge in mind we started to focus on the use of UVC light and what the safe possibilities of its use.  To meet the demand we then created a UV sterilisation box to sterilise

–          masks

–          phones

–          keys

–          airline crew equipment

–           etc

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